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Become better business leaders.

Clear HR Consulting’s HR workshops are designed to help managers, supervisors and other employees enhance their skills to be better business leaders. Participants learn proven tactics and practical tools to help foster a positive work environment. The workshops range from 1-hour to full-day sessions, and can be fully customized to meet your requirements.

Cissy Pau leading an HR workshopat a client's annual conference.

Cissy Pau leading an HR workshop
at a client’s annual conference.

Some of our popular HR workshop topics include:

HR in the Age of Social Media: How to Attract & Retain Staff using Social Media

Learn the benefits and challenges of using social media to build your employer brand, source candidates, and increase employee pride in your organization.

Respect in the Workplace: Addressing Bullying & Harassment

Take steps to address bullying & harassment in your workplace and fulfill your legal obligations by training your managers & employees on the policies & procedures needed to protect employees and report incidents.

Hiring the Right People: The Formula to Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Which traits are more important in potential employees: experience, skills or character? Gain critical awareness of how to hire and what to hire for.

Managing Employee Performance: How to Coach Employees to Top Performance

Improve employee productivity and efficiency by learning the performance management cycle, how to establish expectations and how to provide feedback.

Keeping Employees: Keys to Retaining Valuable Employees

High employee turnover costs businesses time and productivity. Learn effective strategies and tactics to retain desired employees.

Radio Babies to Facebook Junkies: Attracting, Retaining and Managing a Multi-Generation Workforce

Generation gaps have never been more pronounced. Understanding generational differences will resolve conflict and increase productivity for your team.

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