Leadership Assessment Tools

Develop Your Leadership Potential

We offer important leadership development program components, including 3 expert leadership assessment tools to provide you an objective evaluation of your leadership strengths and developmental areas. These are suitable for your employees, managers and executives.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i)

360 Degree Assessment EQ 360

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

EQ-i 2.0 ® is a scientifically validated emotional intelligence assessment tool used to train and develop employees & leaders, as well as to select highly-qualified future leaders. EQ 360 is a 360 degree assessment tool that incorporates feedback from the employee’s raters, and is then compared against the employee’s EQ-i report to identify strengths and areas for development. MBTI is a widely-used personality assessment and management tool that can be applied to improve communication, facilitate change, resolve conflict, and build teams.

In addition to conducting leadership assessments, we offer leadership development workshops to optimize individual and team performance.

Following the completion of the assessments and debriefs, personalized leadership development coaching is also available to ensure you stay on track with your objectives.

Our Greater Vancouver BC-based HR experts can help you determine which leadership assessment tool is right for your needs.

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Effective 360 degree assessment process

Do you want practical and useful feedback on your effectiveness as a leader? With the EQ 360 assessment, you gauge your skills against the standard of a highly-effective leader. It incorporates your own self-assessment, along with the perceptions of those who work with you.

Our EQ 360 assessment package includes:

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