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HR Services Starter Package

Ideal for growing small businesses with 5 or more employees and $500,000-plus in annual revenue

Ideal for growing small businesses with 5 or more employees and $500,000-plus in annual revenue

The HR Starter Package covers your HR essentials.

Through our experience working with small businesses, we’ve identified what companies need most to manage human resources issues — so you don’t have to. The HR Services Starter Package is a cost-effective solution that ensures your most important HR needs are covered. You get the right answers quickly, avoid costly mistakes, and are freed up to focus on revenue generating activities.

The HR Starter Package is a pre-defined set of HR projects that addresses the most common human resource management requirements for small business. Benefit from expert HR services at a reasonable fixed fee and choose from the following HR components:

Hiring Process
Create a superior workforce by hiring the right people through a properly planned, systemized process.
Pay & Bonuses
Give employees a sense of ownership in your company, and the incentive to work hard, be loyal and contribute to your bottom line.
HR Policy Development
Provide an HR framework and standards that guide employees on performance, decision-making, operations, and more.
Managing Performance
Establish an effective workforce through goal setting, managing expectations, providing feedback, and more.
Employee Communication
Build and maintain employee morale, advance your strategic vision, attain goals and keep your business’ progress on track.
Organizational Structure
Clarify reporting relationships and define employee roles & responsibilities.

Our Greater Vancouver BC-based firm will help you decide which HR consulting package is right for your needs.

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