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HR Audit and Custom Package


Ideal for sophisticated businesses with 10 or more employees and $1 million-plus in annual revenue

Objective HR Review & Action Plan

Implementing one-off human resource management processes without considering how they support your overall business strategy often translates into ineffective and inefficient processes that need to be revisited repeatedly. The HR Audit and Custom Package provides a comprehensive HR review and customized consulting services to ensure you have all the right HR policies, procedures and systems in place.

Designed for companies with a growing employee base, our HR Audit and Custom Package provides you an objective expert review and guidance surrounding your:

Company structure
Performance management & coaching
Company culture & environment
Recognition, rewards & retention systems
Hiring process
Employee relations approach
Pay & benefits, policies & procedures
Employee communications
Training & development systems
Employee record keeping & file management

Your business receives an in-depth written report, which identifies short- and long-term priorities in each of the above areas, complete with expert HR strategies, guidance and timelines to support your business objectives.

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