Human Resources Consulting

HR Consulting Services Designed to Fit Your Needs

We offer 3 expert HR consulting services packages to help your employees work cooperatively and efficiently toward a common goal, gaining you a clear competitive advantage.

HR Starter

HR Audit & Custom

HR Retainer

For growing small businesses with 5 or more employees and $500,000+ in annual revenue.

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For more sophisticated businesses with 10 or more employees and $1 million+ in annual revenue.

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For established businesses with 20 or more employees and $2 million+ in annual revenue.

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Peace of Mind
We will help you with all of your HR needs and help you avoid costly mistakes.
Enjoy the benefits of an experienced HR team without incurring the cost of full-time salaries.
Easy access to HR experts who provide quick and thorough answers, so you can focus on building your business.
Stay Current
Remain up-to-date with best practices, case law, new legislation, and all other HR requirements.

Whether your HR issues revolve around recruiting, compensating, motivating, retaining or laying off employees, you’ll benefit from practical HR advice you can implement today and rely on tomorrow.

Our Greater Vancouver BC-based firm will help you decide which HR Consulting Package is right for your needs.

Get your HR in order now. Request a free consultation.

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