HR How-To Online Series for Small Business

THE Only HR Guide You'll Ever Need

Our downloadable HR how-to tools and templates provide Canadian small businesses with a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to manage your employees.

The essentials of human resources for small business are covered by a series of 5 HR online training modules. You get:

  • Multiple “how-to” sessions covering the essentials of HR
  • Practical & ready-to-use editable templates
  • Clear, concise instruction guides
  • Video tutorials on each HR how-to topic

Avoid headaches, common mistakes and reduce your legal liabilities with these online HR solutions.

Benefit from our decades of HR experience working with hundreds of small businesses.

HR Made Simple
We cover the 5 most essential HR areas for your small business.
A fraction of the cost of employing HR managers or consultants.
Self Paced
Complete your HR tasks whenever it suits your schedule and needs.
Multiple Instructional Methods
Templates, written instructions & video tutorials to suit your learning style.

Download the HR How-To module that you require for only $299 each OR Purchase all 5 for only $1,495 $999!

Employee Communication

Keep Employees Informed to Grow Your Business

Do your employees know where your business is headed and how their job and actions contribute to the company’s success? Communicating with employees on a regular basis is integral to build and maintain employee morale, advance your strategic vision, attain goals and sustain your business’ progress.

This up-to-date, easy-to-use Communicating With Employees module will guide you through the best practices on:

  • How to identify the best communication methods for your business
  • How to conduct employee staff meetings
  • How to conduct one-on-one meetings with employees
  • How to get regular feedback from employees
  • How to conduct an exit interview

This Communicating With Employees module comes complete with 5 sessions, each with ready-to-use templates, and written and video instructions. Get your HR on track today.

Communicating with Employees

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Download the Complete All-in-One Bundle

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Do You Want A Full HR Plan for Your Business?

If you’re serious about creating the right HR policies, procedures and processes to manage your employees, consider our Complete All-in-One Bundle.

Of course you can download free templates. The problem is, you’ll get what you pay for — templates that aren’t legal in your area or aren’t suitable for a small business in Canada. This can easily cost you over $100,000 in avoidable mistakes and legal liabilities.

If we were to walk you through all 5 HR modules for your business, it would cost more than $20,000 in consulting fees.

Our popular All-in-One Bundle provides you the best possible value: your business receives all five modules for only $999 — saving you $500.

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