HR Case Study

Trial Lawyers Association of BC


TLABC is a 1,400-member strong organization striving to preserve the jury system, enhance trial practice and effectively improve judicial integrity in British Columbia. Recently, they aimed to get a better assessment of the Executive Director / CEO of the organization, who had served continuously for over 20 years, to ensure due diligence as part of a new annual review process.

“They had never done a formal review of me during my 20 years as Executive Director,” noted Carla Terzariol, Executive Director / CEO. “As a responsible organization, we had to move forward with this.”


Clear HR Consulting began with an EQ-i self-assessment, peer-grading assessment and debrief session for the ED/CEO, conducted by a certified leadership coach. The EQ-i leadership assessment tool measures emotional intelligence skills as they pertain to leadership. Emotional intelligence is a cross-section of emotional and social competencies that determine how well we understand and express ourselves, relate with others, and cope with daily pressures. The assessment helps leaders to gauge their skills against the standard of a highly-effective leader. The ED/CEO took an online assessment and then went through a 360-review. From there, the assessor debriefed the ED/CEO, as well as presented an extensive and targeted report for the board. Ultimately, this assessment helps pave the way for leadership skills coaching to improve the organization’s capabilities long-term.


Clear HR Consulting:

  • Led an effective leadership assessment process that helps set clear standards for the role of the Executive Director/CEO.
  • Helped ensure skills and performance match up with an official standard going forward.
  • Provided an effective tool to improve top executive performance in future.

“The EQ-i assessment and report provided far more value than what it cost,” Terzariol says. “The process was easy and straightforward and the report provided really gave us the level of detail we needed to take effective steps. There’s potential here to get something out of the report for years to come. I’m also eager to move forward with the suggested leadership coaching recommendations that highlighted areas of potential improvement.”

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