HR Case Study

Primex Manufacturing


Primex Manufacturing Ltd., a plastics injection moulding company, needed to consolidate its operations and was preparing to shut down a manufacturing facility, whose excellent workforce of 28 people was going to lose their jobs. This was essential to reduce costs and improve efficiency to maintain business operations in a challenging economic environment.

"We didn’t have the expertise within our organization to deal with all of the issues involved, so we contacted Clear HR Consulting as an affordable and efficient specialist solution," says Bob Smart, President & CEO. "The objective was that this be executed with minimal cost and acceptance of the financial package by all staff, many who were long-service employees with limited prospects for future employment. It was a tall order."


Clear HR Consulting undertook an HR Audit as a preliminary task, followed by strategic HR consulting on the closing of a facility and associated layoffs of employees. Clear HR researched the market area, examined the background of each employee, designed a plan that fell within budget, and were involved in the plan’s execution. This would help facilitate a streamlined restructuring process that met the requirements of the business while respecting the needs of the affected employees.


Clear HR Consulting:

  • Completed a comprehensive HR Audit to see where HR processes needed to be implemented.
  • Provided strategic advice on processes that would ensure layoffs were handled in a professional and respectful manner. In this way, productivity and legal liabilities were avoided during the process of restructuring over several months and morale was maintained at the other plants.
  • Provided advice on issues involving sensitive individual terminations, all of which have led to a successful conclusion.
  • Consulted on restructuring positions and departments to obtain cost savings and improved productivity.

“Clear HR has proven they can deliver with a well thought-out comprehensive plan. Their plan was executed and the result was excellent,” Smart says. “Although there was great disappointment by the staff, every person accepted the offer. We were able to shut down a facility and at the same time gain respect of the staff that they were treated with respect and kindness in a very tough situation. What was done here was far from easy.” 

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