HR Case Study

CEI Architecture


CEI Architecture was growing quickly due to the amalgamation of four smaller companies. The company grew from 33 employees in one location to its current size of more than 85 staff in three cities. Clear HR Consulting was contacted to provide an overall human resources strategy on how to manage the growth. Clear HR Consulting’s expertise was also required for ongoing employee issues such as recruitment plans, staff training and HR mentoring.

“We brought Clear HR Consulting in to help us understand the issues we faced as HR was not a part of our language, let alone operations,” says CEI Senior Partner, Richard Bolus. "Clear HR Consulting brings an experienced, insightful and highly 'street-smart' approach to HR issues, and tell you what you need to know rather than what you might like to hear - we highly value this."


Clear HR Consulting conducted an HR Audit for CEI to identify the company’s HR priorities and to gain insight into developing an overall HR strategy. From the HR Audit, Clear HR Consulting confirmed the need for an HR Coordinator position at CEI as well as leadership training for Associates. On-going strategic and tactical HR guidance and mentoring for HR staff, Managers and Partners was also proposed.


Clear HR Consulting:

  • Provided strategic HR advice to CEI Architecture
  • Facilitated the hiring of HR employees for CEI
  • Mentored CEI's first HR Coordinator to implement 2-year HR strategy
  • Conducted a 7-session leadership training program for Associates & Managers on how to manage employees
  • Improved succession planning for Associates to become new Partners
  • Continues to provide on-going HR guidance to CEI on strategic, tactical and sensitive HR issues

“We hire consultants based on reputation and recommendation - and expect great results," says Bolus. "Clear HR Consulting was with us at the start of our ambitious expansion and, as a result of their performance, will be with us in future.”

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