HR Case Study

Beyond Marketing Group


In addition to their head office in Vancouver, Beyond Marketing operates a regional office in Toronto to be closer to key clients. As a consequence of fast organic growth, workflow at Beyond Marketing became disorganized. Client deliverables and the quality of work were at risk of being compromised. With senior managers needing to travel back and forth between the two offices, accountabilities and responsibilities were becoming increasingly unclear. With confusion reigning, morale was sinking.

"We were trying to manage staff remotely from Vancouver and it wasn’t working,” says Chris Lee, President at Beyond Marketing. “We needed a more senior presence in Toronto – but we weren’t sure how we could do a restructuring without impacting our ability to grow further and go after new clients."


Clear HR Consulting’s review revealed that Beyond Marketing’s team was suffering from a common problem associated with rapid organic business growth: unclear roles and overlapping responsibilities among executives. They helped Beyond Marketing’s team to clearly define senior management roles. They also provided guidance on filling a senior role in their Toronto office with someone who had the right kind of agency experience to improve communication and project management. Finally, they instituted improved reporting protocols so that the company could manage and reward performance better.


Clear HR Consulting:

  • Worked closely with the owners of Beyond Marketing to clarify their organizational structure to improve communication and project management.
  • Defined roles and responsibilities for executives and staff for two offices 4,350 km apart.
  • Helped the company deal with rapid changes in their staff caused by business fluctuations while helping them prepare for future growth.

“We’re already starting to see results, with the Toronto office responding better and much improved workflow between the offices,” Chris says. “Thanks to Clear HR, we’re well-positioned to go after more business from clients, including some big-budget projects on the horizon.”

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