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How to Write a Job Description

It is critical to know how to write a job description, as the job description is your “road map to success.” Not only will a job description help you determine what type of employee you need to fill your vacancy, it also sets the stage for everything else that you will do with that employee […]


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How to develop good job descriptions

Writing and developing good job descriptions got you down? Investment Executive newspaper contacted Clear HR Consulting for human resources expertise and advice for their two-part series on developing effective job descriptions {part 1} {part 2}. For more information on how to write good job descriptions, be sure to review Clear HR Consulting’s newsletter on job […]


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Clear Goals Need Clear Roles

The team just missed their deadline, again. And half of your sales group is threatening to quit out of frustration with the production department. Meanwhile, a client keeps calling to resolve an issue, but no one has called him back…because everyone thinks that someone else has taken care of it. When employees don’t know their […]


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Your Hiring Road Map: The Job Description

The often-skipped step of creating a job description is critical to finding the right employee for your business – the first time! A job description is your road map to determining what type of employee to look for to fill your vacancy. Being clear on the position’s duties and responsibilities and the qualifications required, at […]


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