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The importance of employer branding

Cissy Pau’s article for BC Business delves into the importance of employer branding and how to attract top talent by presenting your company as a top place to work. In her article, Cissy: explains what is an employer brand; guides the reader through an employer branding exercise; and shares lessons from companies with a strong […]


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Employer Brand Case Study – Starbucks Canada

We were recently enjoying a beverage at our local Starbucks Canada outlet, and noticed a posting on the bulletin board for a job fair. Always curious to see how one of the Best Workplaces in Canada positions their employer brand, we looked a little closer. It provides an excellent example of many of the lessons […]


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Looptail: G Adventures’ lessons on how to create a happy & engaged workforce

Over the recent holiday period, I had a chance to read an interesting leadership and HR management book, Looptail. Looptail is Bruce Poon Tip‘s story of how he created G Adventures, a world renowned adventure travel company, based in Toronto. After backpacking in Asia, Poon Tip started his company with only his maxed out credit cards […]


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How to Create a Compelling Employer Brand

Why is having a compelling employer brand important for small businesses? Let’s use a recent example of a prospective client. A professional services firm is hiring staff and when we asked what is unique about them, we got a blank stare. “There’s nothing really special about us – we’re like all the other companies in […]


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Social Media & HR: Sourcing Candidates & Building Employee Pride

In our previous post on social media & HR, we delved into the use of social media to build your employer brand. Now, we’ll discuss two additional uses of social media: sourcing candidates and building employee pride. The 2nd use of social media in HR is to source candidates. Social media is increasingly being used […]


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