Canadian Business magazine contacted human resources consultant Cissy Pau at Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting Inc. for her take on the costs of increased employee absenteeism in the workplace and what employers can do about it.

Here’s what Cissy had to say about tracking workplace absenteeism, as the Conference Board of Canada reported found that less than half of respondents keep track of who’s taking time off and why:

… employers first need to find out why employees are missing work.

In addition, employers are to trying to reduce absenteeism by offering flexible work arrangements and personal days instead of sick days. Here’s what Cissy had to say about these practices:

Pau says this helps to foster trust in the workplace.“If they know the employer has more empathy and more sympathy, they’re going to work harder for you.”

You can read about the growing concern over employee absenteeism and the costs of increased use of sick days in Canadian Business magazine or online here.