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Engaging Workplaces – BC Business
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BC Business magazine consulted Cissy Pau, Principal Consultant of Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting Inc., for human resources expertise and advice for an article on engaging workplaces and how B.C. employers are setting the standard for employee engagement and creating healthy workplaces.

Assuming employees are already being compensated fairly, an important factor for employee engagement is staff being supported to achieve personal and professional goals. Here’s what Cissy Pau had to say about the importance of the goal setting being driven by the employee:

“If they don’t believe in it, they don’t think they can achieve it and they don’t want to do it, it’s never going to happen,” she says. “But if they’re involved in coming up with that target, if they’re involved in creating the plan of how they’re going to get there, they’re going to be that much more engaged.”

It is commonly understood that corporate culture is an important driver of creating engaging workplaces, but how are effective cultures created? Here’s what Cissy Pau had to say about creating an authentic culture:

“A lot of companies say, ‘Well, we don’t have a culture. Well, you know what? You do. You have it based on how people treat each other and the example that’s being set by the manager and the manager’s manager and the CEO.”

Effective leadership and clear communication with employees are also critical success factors for employee engagement. Here’s what Cissy Pau had to say about the importance of aligning employees with the company’s purpose:

“Employees want to feel a part of it, they want to feel like they are making a difference, they want to be in the know about what’s going on and when they don’t have that feeling they’re not going to be working in the best interest of the company.”

To learn more about how to create engaging workplaces and boost employee engagement for your small business, please contact Clear HR Consulting in Vancouver.


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