BC Business contacted Clear HR Consulting for advice and expertise for their feature article on hiring from within and its impact on employee retention. Here’s what Cissy Pau had to say about the challenges for small businesses in keeping staff they’ve invested in:

“You’ve basically trained them up so they can join another company and be 100 per cent effective at another company,” Cissy Pau of Clear HR Consulting explains, adding, “If they’re now 100 per cent effective at your company, if there is some way that you can keep them for one, two or three years, or for many more years, that’s when they are going to be adding the most value to the organization. That’s the gravy.”

While small businesses face challenges in developing employee-advancement programs, the flip side is they can offer their staff tremendous opportunities to become well rounded and get hands-on experience with lots of different skills and roles:

“Sometimes you get so many more opportunities,” Pau says of working at a smaller company, “because there aren’t layers and layers of people who can do the work. There’s just you and your team and you might not have had the experience of doing it before, but someone has to figure out how to do it.”

With the challenges of finding the skilled workforce of the future becoming more difficult, Pau says it is critical to create career path, mentoring and training programs to attract and retain staff:

“The concept of internal hiring and promotions from within, and mapping a career path internally – that’s certainly one of the really critical areas when we are talking about retention,” says Pau.

Small businesses face many challenges in dealing with employee retention.  Developing career path, training and mentoring programs are important tools to maintain your skilled workforce and reach your business objectives. For assistance with these issues for your small business, please contact Clear HR Consulting Inc.



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