It may surprise you to learn that HR professionals have a difficult time negotiating a pay raise for themselves in their own organization. With all their inside knowledge on their organization’s pay structure and how it values performance, some may find it surprising that in a recent survey, 84 per cent of HR professionals indicated that they thought they had to move companies in order to negotiate a pay raise.

When HR Daily contacted Clear HR Consulting for advice for HR professionals on how to negotiate a pay raise for themselves, here’s what Cissy Pau had to say:

“Working in HR you should be very aware of what’s going on in the market”, she said, “you need to know how the internal structure of the organisation compares to the market and you should have a well-rounded picture of where you stand within that.”

When negotiating a pay raise, it is important to demonstrate how your specific contributions positively benefited your organization:

“You shouldn’t be going into the conversation simply outlining the great compensation structure you created,” Cissy Pau said, “but how did that compensation structure contribute to staff retention, to the company’s revenue? For example if you know that someone at the company brought in a million dollars in sales this year and got a bonus of five per cent you need to be able to apply that to your own achievements. What have you contributed? How has that contributed to the bottom line? You should have a well-rounded picture of where you stand.”

Negotiating a pay raise for HR professionals can be challenging, but by following some key tips, it shouldn’t necessitate a change of company to achieve it.


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