Turn Performance Reviews Into Effective Employee Development Tools

Business in Vancouver’s publication, Right Course Magazine, contacted Cissy Pau, principal consultant of Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting, for human resources expertise for their article on turning performance reviews into effective employee development tools.

Some of the expert tips that Cissy Pau discussed included:

  • Provide feedback on a regular and informal basis, and don’t limit it to an annual performance review;
  • Have a normal, relaxed conversation – it’s supposed to be a performance discussion, not an investigation;
  • Look forward, not just backward – set goals and targets for the upcoming review period (whether it be week, month, quarter or year);
  • Share your long-term vision with your staff, and explain to them the role they play in directly influencing the overall success of the organization.

For more human resources expertise on how to effectively turn performance reviews into employee development tools for your business, please contact Clear HR Consulting for more information.


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