CPA Magazine, Profit and Vancouver Sun media appearances

Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting is frequently called on as an HR media expert to share insight on HR news affecting small- and medium-sized businesses by media outlets across Canada. Here are some of our recent media appearances in CPA Magazine, Profit, and Vancouver Sun featuring our media spokesperson, Cissy Pau.

CPA Magazine asked Cissy Pau whether people should talk business in the elevator. Cissy explained why this should never be done:

“The world is too small to discuss colleagues, your boss or clients in the elevator at work. It’s not appropriate. Employees have the obligation to be confidential — protecting information is key here. It’s a given that doesn’t need to be written in employee handbooks,” says Pau. “Company information should always be kept private. You shouldn’t be mentioning projects, deals or customers outside your office. You could disclose information, which could lead to a business deal going bad or even a lawsuit.”

Profit featured Clear HR Consulting in a piece on how to know if you’re ready for full-time employees. Here’s what Cissy had to say about the five simple questions any business owner should ask before hiring an employee:

Having too much work and not enough time shouldn’t necessarily translate into hiring employees, says Cissy Pau, principal at Clear HR Consulting in Vancouver. “When companies come to us, they want to go straight to the job description,” she says. “We try to get them to take a step back and ask if they’re actually ready.” Self-assess by asking yourself five questions. If you can’t say yes to all five, says Pau, bringing on full-time staff isn’t in the cards.

Vancouver Sun contacted us for an article about appropriate summer office wear. Here’s what Cissy said about the importance of employees wearing appropriate office wear to work:

“There is still a professionalism that you need to put forward,” Cissy Pau, principal consultant at the Vancouver-based human resources firm Clear HR Consulting, says. “Regardless of the workplace, you still want to be perceived as professional and you still want to be taken seriously. Your work speaks for itself, but, if you’re dressed in a way that may make someone question your judgement, you might not be taken as seriously.”

If you would like Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting to share insight on HR for small business for your next article or feature, please contact us.

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