Is the corporate Christmas party a part of Christmas past, present or future?

corporate christmas partyWe’re proud to announce that Cissy Pau is now a regular online contributor to BC Business. Her first article, “Is the corporate Christmas party passé?“, looks at the reasons why companies no longer wish to host Christmas celebrations. Some of these reasons include:

  • The holiday season is so hectic already that fitting in another event is difficult.
  • It is busy season for every hotel, restaurant, party venue and caterer so the costs are high.
  • Year-end isn’t a good time to organize a big event because workloads are heavy before the holidays.

As well, she shared some popular alternatives to the corporate Christmas party, which include:

  • Holding a summer event;
  • Getting families involved;
  • Hosting as a small office party;
  • Getting involved in the community; and
  • Donating to a cause.

To find out more about her take on whether the corporate Christmas party is part of Christmas past, present or future, please read her article online at BC Business.

Prior to inviting her to become an online contributor, BC Business asked Cissy to share her tips on how to conduct an effective exit interview for their monthly print DIY management feature.  BC Business contacted us because of our blog post on the very same topic.

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