The latest episode of CBC Radio One’s popular show “Definitely Not the Opera” focused on leadership, with a discourse on office politics, including the “office fox”.  Cissy Pau, Principal Consultant for Clear HR Consulting, was interviewed for a segment on the role of the “office fox”, the well-connected power broker who is in the know, sought after by all for their advice and their willingness to share what needs to improve in the workplace.

Cissy explained how the “office fox” is usually not the boss, but rather a person whose influence is drawn from their ability to have the ear of both employees and management.  When entering a new workplace, it is important to figure out who the fox is, and get on their good side.

To listen to this episode of CBC Radio One’s “Definitely Not the Opera” and hear Cissy Pau’s take on the “office fox”, then be sure to listen the podcast of the show; the segment can be found around 19 minutes into the episode.


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