Business in Vancouver, Maclean’s and Canadian HR Reporter media appearances

Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting is frequently called on as an HR media expert to share insight on HR news affecting small- and medium-sized businesses by media outlets across Canada. Here are some of our recent media appearances in Business in Vancouver, Maclean’s, and Canadian HR Reporter featuring our media spokesperson, Cissy Pau.

Business in Vancouver asked Cissy Pau to comment on a tech startup’s attempt to improve corporate diversity by scrubbing job applications of information that might result in hiring bias. Here are some concerns that Cissy raised:

“If you scrub out all the data and say, ‘Well, I don’t know where they worked or what country they worked in,’ that could pose more of a problem for me,” said Cissy Pau, principal at Clear HR Consulting Inc. Pau’s consulting firm recently screened resumes for a client, only to discover most applicants weren’t legally allowed to work in Canada. “If 60 or 70% of the resumes are not from people who can work here and that information gets scrubbed out, how does that help me as an employer?”

Maclean’s interviewed Cissy Pau for an article about the vacation usage of politicians and their staff. Here’s what Cissy had to say about extreme work ethic:

“At some point, you’re going to crack,” says Cissy Pau, a human-resources consultant based in Vancouver. “They’re not doing themselves or their constituents justice,” she says.

Canadian HR Reporter asked Cissy Pau to write a feature article about the benefits, challenges of just-in-time HR, including whether it is a passing fad or here to stay.

If you would like Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting to share insight for your next segment or feature on topics related to human resources for small business, please contact us.

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