How to ensure your employees are the right fit for your organization

Alex Anthopoulos says job is no longer the right fitHR lessons from the departure of Alex Anthopoulos

The recent departure of general manager Alex Anthopoulos from the Toronto Blue Jays because his job was no longer the right fit sent shock waves through the sporting world.

Here is Major League Baseball’s 2015 Executive of the Year turning down a 5-year contract extension worth millions of dollars and a significant raise for what he previously described as his dream job. With new president Mark Shapiro joining the organization, there is speculation that Anthopoulos would no longer have the same autonomy in decision making that he had under outgoing president Paul Beeston. Anthopoulos said he did not have another job lined up prior to his turning down his contract extension.

If being offered financial security isn’t enough, what constitutes the right fit? This is the question with which small business owners (along with MLB team owners) have to grapple when finding and keeping the right people for their organization.

What are the key components of “fit”? There’s no one answer, but here are 5 important aspects to consider when selecting an employee for the right fit for your team:

Values – Is there a match in values between the organizational values and the employee’s values? Does the employee buy into the vision that the leadership team has for the organization?

Personality – Does the employee’s personality style complement the team’s style? Does the employee’s personality style match well with the needs of the job?

Management / working style – Does the employee’s management style match well with their direct reports, or conversely, is the employee’s working style suitable for the type of management approach used in the team? Is there a fit between decision-making approaches?

Skills / Abilities – Does the employee have the right skills and abilities to perform the position?

Corporate culture – Do the employee’s values, personality, approach, skills, and abilities fit with overall culture of the organization or with the culture that the leadership team wants to cultivate?

As we’ve said many times previously, as long as you pay fairly, money isn’t going to be the deciding factor when an employee chooses to work with you or not – it’s all about the right fit and ensuring your organization has a strong employer brand that matches the reality of what it’s really like to work in your organization.

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