Social Media & HR: Sourcing Candidates & Building Employee Pride

In our previous post on social media & HR, we delved into the use of social media to build your employer brand. Now, we’ll discuss two additional uses of social media: sourcing candidates and building employee pride.

The 2nd use of social media in HR is to source candidates. Social media is increasingly being used for job postings and getting referrals. According to research conducted by Bullhorn Reach, LinkedIn is the fastest growing public provider of corporate recruiting solutions, and 48% of recruiters use LinkedIn exclusively for hiring. LinkedIn has over 200 million active members, with many using the site to look for work and to manage their professional profiles.

Here are 5 reasons to use LinkedIn as a recruitment source:

  1. LinkedIn has a high passive job seeker ratio – the hardest group of people to access
  2. Referral friendly – built-in referral options
  3. Profiles are consistent and searchable – rather than the mass of different resume formats you see
  4. Profiles are likely more accurate – because your colleagues can see your profiles
  5. Easy to get introductions – built in networking

And the 3rd primary use of social media in HR is to build employee pride in your company. Taking the concept of employer branding further, all social media sources give you an opportunity to talk about your company as a great employer, to highlight the advantages of working for you, and to show samples of the good work you do. For example, you can post pictures of your social events, pictures of your shop floor, and community events you participate in.

Speaking very broadly, millenials are a very knowledgeable, socially responsible, and values-driven generation. They have had information about anything and everything, at their fingertips, since they were in grade school. They want to understand how their employer works – that there’s some bigger purpose, that there’s a vision for the future and they’re not in a dead-end, go nowhere job. They want to be proud of their employer and the work they do.

Never before have we had such a globally aware group of staff in the workforce. And, never before, have they been so willing to make decisions to stay with a company, or to move on, based on their employer’s ability to communicate the company’s purpose and vision, and based on how aligned they feel with the company’s values. Social media allows you, as an employer, to communicate your purpose, vision and values on an on-going basis so that employees feel proud to represent the company.

The bottom line is that social media looks like it’s here to stay, especially for hiring millennial workers. The challenge for you will be to find ways to attract these workers to join your company, while at the same time ensuring that your company’s reputation and brand are protected.

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