A recent Careerbuilder.com survey reports that more and more companies are turning to social media to promote and rebuild their organizations after the recent economic downturn. Thirty-five percent of employers use social media to promote their company. One-quarter of these employers said that they are using social media to connect with clients and to find new business.

On the human resources side of things, other interesting findings from the survey, include:

  • 21% of employers use social media to recruit and research potential employees;
  • 13% use social media to strengthen their employment brands; and
  • 29% of companies with 500 or fewer employees use social media to promote their companies.
If you are like many of these survey respondents, you are turning to, or are considering turning to, social media to attract staff. But where do you start? With social media as a hiring tool, the options are endless, and with the pace of technology, the options are increasing daily.
Some common, basic social media hiring strategies you can adopt include:
  • Post your vacant position on your company website and on your blog
Tech savvy job seekers will check out your website and read your blog first to do research on your company before they’ll even considering working for your company.
  • Twitter a link to your job posting
The more people who know about your vacancy the better. If you tweet the posting to your followers, ask them to retweet the posting. You’ll not only get the word out that you’re hiring to people who are already familiar and interested in your business, you’ll also get some free publicity in the process.
  • Broadcast status updates
On your company and individual profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook, indicate in your status update that you are hiring and ask for referrals for the position. Again, the people who will see your update will likely be more familiar with your business and will be better able to make more targeted referrals.
  • Use social media recruitment tools
Post your job vacancy and search for candidates through online tools such as LinkedIn’s Talent Advantage which, for a fee, allows you to find and contact candidates.
  • Participate in groups
Search for groups within your social media platforms where potential candidates may be members. Participate in the groups, join in discussions, and see if it may be worthwhile to let the group know about your vacancy.
The CareerBuilder.com survey also noted that workers report that they are turning to social media sites for more than connecting with friends. They’re also using social media to research companies and jobs. Workers who come across company pages on social media sites said that they would most like to see the following:
  • Job listings (35%)
  • Q&A or or fast facts about the organization (26%)
  • Information about career paths within the organization (23%)
  • Evidence that working at the company is fun (16%)
  • Pictures of company events (12%)
  • Video of new products/services (10%)
  • Company awards (9%)
  • Research or studies that the company has conducted (9%)
  • Videos of a day on the job (8%)

If you’re embarking down the social media path to hire staff, ensure that your website, blog and your company and individual social media profiles are attractive to the current generation of jobseekers. Incorporating elements from the list above to showcase your business, your work environment, and your company culture will help to brand your company as a desirable place to work, and will attract those who will best fit with your company.

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