CBC Radio BC contacted Clear HR Consulting to discuss a UBC study which found that Canadians with English names are more often called back for job interviews than job seekers with Asian names. Cissy Pau, Clear HR Consulting’s Principal Consultant, was interviewed for CBC Radio’s “On the Coast” program to discuss her thoughts on the study’s results.

The main topics covered:

  • Questions about survey methodology
    • Were the resumes sent to the same person at the same time? If not, then sending resumes at different times will skew the results as hiring needs may have changed.
    • What were the size of employers the resumes were sent to?  The larger the employer, often the more sophisticated the hiring practices.  The smaller the employer, the more likely they are to not have a systemized hiring process and instead select by gut feel.
  • Should someone change their name to sound less “foreign” to improve their chances of landing a job?
    • Cissy does not believe that anyone should change their name, unless they choose to do so proudly.

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