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Pitfalls When an Employer Brand and Company Culture Aren’t Aligned

Air Canada’s discount carrier, Rouge, launched with a splash in 2013. Staff were promised the “Harvard of customer service training” through the Disney Institute. They were outfitted with trendy uniforms and assured they would fly highly coveted international routes. But days after the launch, the Internet was abuzz about lower wages being offered to Rouge […]


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2016 Canadian HR Awards Nominations Open

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Canadian HR Awards. Last year, we were honoured to be a finalist for External HR Consultancy of the Year. If you would like to nominate us for consideration for this year’s awards, we would greatly appreciate it. Please complete the nomination form by July 7, 2016. Thank you […]


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More BC Employment Standards Myths Debunked

As human resources management experts for small business, we find that many small business owners rely on BC Employment Standards myths, rather than on facts, to determine the terms and conditions of employment for their staff. In a prior article, we debunked some common BC employment standards myths. We received a lot of positive response […]


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How to Conduct an Effective Reference Check

You’ve got an urgent requirement to fill a position. You’re far along in your hiring process and think you’ve found someone who can do the job. You can’t wait to get your new employee on board so you can meet the needs of your clients.  Pause, take a breath, and ensure you conduct an effective […]


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How to Prevent Constructive Dismissal Claims

Small businesses are constantly changing to meet the needs of their customers, to deal with economic conditions, and to evolve with dynamic technologies. These changes inevitably impact the roles and responsibilities of your employees. How do you ensure that changes to an employee’s position, title, responsibilities or pay doesn’t land you in hot water or […]


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