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HR Issues and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Cissy Pau, Principal Consultant for Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting, recently attended a human resources seminar on the HR issues that Vancouver businesses need to be prepared for the 2010 Olympics Games. Some things to plan for: Transportation disruption – Road closures & parking bans will make it potentially difficult for employees, customers and suppliers to get […]


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Corporate Philanthropy: Giving Back When Times are Tough

When companies are doing well, it’s easy to support charitable causes and to make corporate donations. During difficult economic times, however, philanthropy is often one of the first initiatives to disappear. Giving back during tough times is a great way to re-focus employees and to encourage staff to look beyond their immediate situation and look […]


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How to Make Vacation Time Work for Employees

Phil is checking his work email on his Blackberry while on the beach in Cancun. He’s actively ignoring everything going on around him, afraid to see his spouse glaring at him for the umpteenth time in seven days. He’s spent most of their vacation checking work stuff instead of spending time with his family. The […]


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Surviving an Economic Downturn: How to Handle Layoffs Effectively

Layoffs should be a last resort to handle an economic downturn. If, after considering all your alternatives, you determine that layoffs are necessary, then it’s important to handle layoffs effectively. Employees understand that during tough economic times that difficult choices have to be made. It’s therefore important to handle layoffs well to maintain a positive […]


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Surviving an Economic Downturn: Creative Alternatives to Layoffs

You want your company to be seen as an “employer of choice” so you can attract and retain great staff regardless of economic conditions, but with all the news about the economic downturn, you’re wondering whether you have any alternatives to staff layoffs. How companies treat staff when times are tough is just as important […]


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