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5 Key Questions: Are You Ready To Hire An Employee?

One of the most common mistakes that small business owners make is to hire an employee before they’re ready. Rushing into a hiring decision can often lead to a huge disaster. The 5 key questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re ready to hire an employee are: 1. Do you have the cashflow now AND […]


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Letters Of Reference – A Throwback To A Different Time

An important part of an effective hiring process is to conduct reference checks on your top candidate, but should you pay attention to a letter of reference provided by the candidate?  When the Globe and Mail asked Clear HR Consulting about the value of letters of reference, here’s what Cissy Pau had to say: “I […]


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Hiring Staff – Investment Executive Series

Fiona Collie from Investment Executive interviewed Cissy Pau of Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting Inc. for her human resources expertise for a series of articles on hiring staff. In the first article, Cissy Pau shared 5 questions a small business owner should ask prior to hiring a new team member: Do I have the cash flow? […]


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How to recruit for creative problem solvers

Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting was contacted by the Globe and Mail for human resources expertise for an article on how to recruit creative problem solvers. Some expert tips that Cissy Pau, principal consultant of Clear HR Consulting, shared on how to recruit for creative problem solvers included: Use behavioural-based interviewing to determine whether job candidates would be able […]


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Social Media as a Hiring Tool

A recent survey reports that more and more companies are turning to social media to promote and rebuild their organizations after the recent economic downturn. Thirty-five percent of employers use social media to promote their company. One-quarter of these employers said that they are using social media to connect with clients and to find new business. […]


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