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You’re Fired; Oops, Sorry, You’re Rehired!

Earlier this year, the story of a male spectator at a Toronto FC soccer match making obscene on-air comments to a female journalist created a media firestorm in both traditional and social media.  It was quickly discovered that he was a well-paid Hydro One employee. The employee was fired and there was lots of public […]


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Mass layoffs no easy task: is Blackberry doing it right? – Canadian HR Reporter appearance

In light of the significant workforce reduction that Blackberry is carrying out, Canadian HR Reporter journal contacted Cissy Pau of Clear HR Consulting to discuss best practices for how to conduct mass layoffs well. Here’s what Cissy Pau had to say about the the right ways and wrong ways of conducting mass layoffs: Laying off […]


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Lessons from RBC outsourcing controversy: Canadian HR Reporter article

The cover article for this week’s issue of the Canadian HR Reporter features Cissy Pau of Clear HR Consulting discussing the controversy around the outsourcing and offshoring of Canadian jobs at RBC, including the use of temporary foreign workers. The article discusses the impact of this incident on several HR fronts including outsourcing, temporary foreign workers, social media […]


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Termination Clauses: How To Reduce Your Severance Liability

Here’s a common scenario that we hear again and again. We receive a call from an employer – they’ve had it with their employee, John Doe, and want to fire him. John has been working for the company as a customer service representative for two years, is not a stellar performer, and the owner wants […]


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How To Deal With Online Plagiarism

We’ve been working on redesigning our website, as the original web design was created in 2004 when Clear HR Consulting was launched.  There have been many modifications to our site over the years, but the basic design is the same.  While reviewing some website templates for our new website, I came across a template that […]


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