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Season’s Greetings


In the spirit of the holiday season, we have chosen to make special donations to The Terry Fox Foundation and to the Canucks Autism Network in lieu of sending cards and gifts to our valued clients and partners.

Season’s Greetings2019-12-16T15:42:27-05:00

Why Employer Branding Matters


The essence of employer branding is determining what sets you apart as an employer and why someone would want to work with you rather than somewhere else.

Why Employer Branding Matters2019-11-20T16:16:57-05:00

5 Tips to Gather Valuable Employee Feedback Before They Quit


Waiting until an employee leaves before you ask them for feedback is too late. It is essential to get feedback from employees about their experience working at your company, while they are still working there.

5 Tips to Gather Valuable Employee Feedback Before They Quit2019-08-08T20:08:06-04:00

HR Lessons From a 10-year-old


Learn from the past. Live in the present. Hope for the future. When your child shares his philosophy on life by quoting Albert Einstein, you listen.

HR Lessons From a 10-year-old2019-07-22T11:53:07-04:00

2019 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards


We're honoured to announce that Clear HR Consulting has been selected as a 2019 Canadian HR Reporter Readers' Choice Awards winner in the category of HR Management Consultants.

2019 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards2019-07-22T17:37:18-04:00

How to Reward and Recognize Employees


How often do you show appreciation to your employees for their excellent effort? Knowing how to reward and recognize employees for the work they do is critical for increasing employee morale, enhancing productivity and effectiveness, and increasing loyalty to your company.

How to Reward and Recognize Employees2019-07-22T11:58:39-04:00

7 Key Considerations to Develop an Effective Pay Strategy


Developing an effective pay strategy is critical to attracting and retaining good employees. The more employees feel that they are being compensated fairly and equitably for the work they do, the more likely they will want to stay working with you.

7 Key Considerations to Develop an Effective Pay Strategy2019-07-22T11:56:29-04:00

7 Tips to Conduct an Effective One-on-One Meeting


One of the best ways to improve communication with your staff and to ensure that your employees are happy, productive and feel supported is to conduct an individual, one-on-one meeting with each of your employees.

7 Tips to Conduct an Effective One-on-One Meeting2019-07-22T11:57:52-04:00