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Conducting a Job Interview – Part Art, Part Science

The job interview is the most important aspect of finding the right employee for your organization. The purpose of a job interview is to: Provide an opportunity for you to verify the information on a candidate’s résumé Evaluate the candidate’s fit with your organization Confirm whether a candidate possesses the skills, qualifications and experience required for the […]


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Yes, No, Maybe So … How to Screen Resumes In and Out

Seeing the dozens of resumes on your desk, you feel compelled to read each one to make sure you don’t pass on someone perfect for the position. But, you really don’t have the time to look through each one that carefully. What do you do? If you decided to use a search firm to advertise […]


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Advertising Your Job Vacancies: Looking Beyond Want Ads

Anyone who has ever tried to hire a new employee has their fair share of horror stories. They advertised on a bulletin board at the local community centre and no one applied. They spent $1,200 for an ad in the newspaper and got hundreds of applications, but no one was really qualified. They hired the […]


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Your Hiring Road Map: The Job Description

The often-skipped step of creating a job description is critical to finding the right employee for your business – the first time! A job description is your road map to determining what type of employee to look for to fill your vacancy. Being clear on the position’s duties and responsibilities and the qualifications required, at […]


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