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‘I Want A Raise’ – Globe and Mail Article

The Globe and Mail contacted Cissy Pau, principal consultant of Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting, for human resources advice and expertise for an article about the strategies and pitfalls of employees requesting a raise or a salary increase. Some human resources expert advice that Cissy Pau shared on how to deal with employees requesting a salary increase […]


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My Employee Is An Idiot – Can I Fire Him? The Aftermath of Stanley Cup Riot

First of all, we’d like to thank the Vancouver Canucks for a fantastic Stanley Cup run!  Despite a heartbreaking game 7 loss, the hope, camaraderie, pride and joy the team inspired in the city was truly amazing.   At the end of the day, hockey is just a game (though a religion to some!), but the […]


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Best way to manage multiple generations

Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting was contacted by the Globe and Mail for human resources expertise for an article on the best ways to manage multiple generations in the workplace. Some expert tips that Cissy Pau, principal consultant of Clear HR Consulting, shared on how to meet the challenges of managing multiple generations included: Ask new employees about what […]


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Workers’ tweets could spell trouble for employer

Canadian HR Reporter contacted Clear HR Consulting for human resources expertise and advice for an article on employers’ liability for the tweets of their employees. Cissy Pau, principal consultant with Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting, believes that  when it comes to defamatory cases involving social media such as Twitter, the majority of employers are not aware of the potential liability or […]


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