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Pay for performance can be a minefield


The Globe and Mail contacted Clear HR Consulting for human resources expertise and advice for an article on pay for performance. Andreas Hesse, a consultant with Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting, believes that when used correctly, pay for performance can align staff with company objectives while providing a financial reward.  This creates a win-win for both [...]

Pay for performance can be a minefield2019-08-08T11:05:06-04:00

How to handle office romances


Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting was contacted by BC Business magazine for human resources expertise for an article on how to handle office romances. Some expert tips that Cissy Pau, principal consultant of Clear HR Consulting, shared on how to handle office romances included: Don't ban office romances - instead set a clear policy on workplace [...]

How to handle office romances2019-08-08T11:08:50-04:00

Does Your Work Environment Help You Thrive?


A recent read of the New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner's "Thrive - Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way" about world-wide research into the principles of contentment and satisfaction got us thinking. How can we apply the research of thriving to the workplace and to business success? Given we spend much of our daily [...]

Does Your Work Environment Help You Thrive?2019-08-08T11:11:26-04:00