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How to encourage innovation with your employees

Cissy Pau, Principal Consultant of Clear HR Consulting Inc. in Vancouver, BC, was contacted by Canadian Business magazine for human resources expertise for a recent article in how to coax your employees to share their ideas and encourage innovation. Some tips that Cissy Pau shared included ensuring that management is willing to listen to ideas […]


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Balancing Employee Productivity and Social Networking

BC Business magazine contacted Cissy Pau, Principal Consultant of Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting Inc., to write an article on managing employee productivity in this age of social networking. As Cissy Pau explored in the article, for some employers, social networking has no part in the employee’s workday, while others view it as integral to the […]


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Succession Planning: When your protege is a little too good

Canadian Business magazine contacted Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting to provide human resources expertise on succession planning, especially as it relates to how to groom ambitious staff to take over your position, for their February 15, 2010 issue. A key tip when handling an ambitious employee who is interested in your job, is to ask some critical questions, […]


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Human Resources Strategies to Reduce Employee Anxiety and Maintain Employee Productivity

Cissy Pau, workplace expert and Principal Consultant for Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting, was interviewed this morning in studio for CBC Radio One’s Early Edition regarding the high level of employee anxiety in British Columbia. She provided human resources expertise on dealing with employee anxiety and effectively maintaining employee productivity. Clear HR Consulting’s top 5 tips […]


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