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Severance Payment of Vancouver City Manager

The Globe and Mail sought out the human resources expertise of Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting to comment on the $571,788 severance payment paid out to former Vancouver City Manager Judy Rogers, who was let go by Vancouver’s new city council in December 2008, in a recent article. When deciding on the length of working notice […]


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Surviving an Economic Downturn: How to Handle Layoffs Effectively

Layoffs should be a last resort to handle an economic downturn. If, after considering all your alternatives, you determine that layoffs are necessary, then it’s important to handle layoffs effectively. Employees understand that during tough economic times that difficult choices have to be made. It’s therefore important to handle layoffs well to maintain a positive […]


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Looking After Your Workforce During Stressful Times

Cissy Pau, Principal Consultant of Clear HR Consulting, recently led a webinar hosted by the BCIT Virtual Business Hub titled “Looking After Your Workforce During Stressful Times” where she discussed: Common mistakes employers make when times are tough 5 strategies to effectively manage employees during stressful times 5 alternatives to employee layoffs This presentation was […]


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