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HR Issues and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics


Cissy Pau, Principal Consultant for Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting, recently attended a human resources seminar on the HR issues that Vancouver businesses need to be prepared for the 2010 Olympics Games. Some things to plan for: Transportation disruption - Road closures & parking bans will make it potentially difficult for employees, customers and suppliers to get to your [...]

HR Issues and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics2019-07-30T19:34:09-04:00

Corporate Philanthropy: Giving Back When Times are Tough


When companies are doing well, it's easy to support charitable causes and to make corporate donations. During difficult economic times, however, philanthropy is often one of the first initiatives to disappear. Giving back during tough times is a great way to re-focus employees and to encourage staff to look beyond their immediate situation and look [...]

Corporate Philanthropy: Giving Back When Times are Tough2009-10-15T18:31:49-04:00

Three Cups of Tea and Oprah


We received an email challenge which has gotten us so excited, but we need your help. We have been challenged to take $100 and, between now and midnight on Sunday, September 6, see what can be done with the $100 to make the biggest difference in the lives of others. The Prize If it turns [...]

Three Cups of Tea and Oprah2019-07-30T19:31:52-04:00

How to Layoff Employees


Canadian Business magazine contacted Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting to provide human resources expertise on how to layoff employees with dignity and respect for their September 14, 2009 issue. For more information on how to layoff employees, please view our newsletters on Creative Alternatives to Layoffs and How to Handle Layoffs Effectively.   Copyright 2009 Clear [...]

How to Layoff Employees2019-07-30T19:29:29-04:00

How to Make Vacation Time Work for Employees


Phil is checking his work email on his Blackberry while on the beach in Cancun. He's actively ignoring everything going on around him, afraid to see his spouse glaring at him for the umpteenth time in seven days. He's spent most of their vacation checking work stuff instead of spending time with his family. The [...]

How to Make Vacation Time Work for Employees2009-08-18T18:48:40-04:00

Cost of Layoffs Often Underestimated


Geoff Howard's recent column in the Business in Vancouver newspaper regarding the costs of layoffs highlights some critical points companies need to consider when deciding whether to layoff staff to deal with difficult economic times. According to Ian Cook, director of research with BC HRMA, companies that cut costs through pay freezes or cuts, and [...]

Cost of Layoffs Often Underestimated2019-07-30T19:28:14-04:00

Pay for Performance: Top of the Market Isn’t Always Necessary


July 1 saw the beginning of the NHL's annual free agency period, which is often filled with lots of great stories from the HR perspective, including the Vancouver Canucks' signing of the Sedin brothers just prior to the beginning of free agency. We often consult on our client's pay strategy: we tell them that they [...]

Pay for Performance: Top of the Market Isn’t Always Necessary2009-07-07T13:39:03-04:00

Job Seekers: What’s in a Name?


CBC Radio BC contacted Clear HR Consulting to discuss a UBC study which found that Canadians with English names are more often called back for job interviews than job seekers with Asian names. Cissy Pau, Clear HR Consulting's Principal Consultant, was interviewed for CBC Radio's "On the Coast" program to discuss her thoughts on the study's results. [...]

Job Seekers: What’s in a Name?2019-07-30T19:27:27-04:00

CBC BC News: Facebook and Hiring Practices


CBC BC News contacted Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting for human resources expertise to comment on the impact of Facebook on employer hiring practices for their April 20, 2009 news broadcast. The issue was topical as Richard Lam, NDP candidate for Vancouver-False Creek in the BC provincial election, resigned after controversial photos from his Facebook page were made [...]

CBC BC News: Facebook and Hiring Practices2019-08-08T11:56:06-04:00

Severance Payment of Vancouver City Manager


The Globe and Mail sought out the human resources expertise of Vancouver-based Clear HR Consulting to comment on the $571,788 severance payment paid out to former Vancouver City Manager Judy Rogers, who was let go by Vancouver's new city council in December 2008, in a recent article. When deciding on the length of working notice [...]

Severance Payment of Vancouver City Manager2019-08-08T11:57:14-04:00