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How Do You Make Your Company Stand Out?

Business in Vancouver contacted us for an article on employer branding, or making your company stand out from others for top talent, for its Blue Edition which focused on investment in human resources. Cissy Pau, our Principal Consultant, is quoted prominently in the article, along with our client Houle Electric. You can even see Cissy […]


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Improving Your Work “Environment”: Is It Truly Easy Being “Green”?

You’ve likely watched or heard of “An Inconvenient Truth”. You recycle at home. You’ve bought and set the programmable thermostat. You know that “CFL” refers to not just a football league, but also to a light bulb. You’re no energy angel, but you’ve taken small steps to make important changes. You’re not worried about your […]


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How Transparent Should Salaries Be?

The internet is now making salary information more transparent and available, which can be useful for companies to know what the market is for similar positions, and what employees may potentially be looking for when negotiating a salary for a new position or getting a raise in an existing one. But how open should your […]


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Would You Take a Pay Cut for a Shorter Commute?

According to a recent survey, one quarter of B.C. respondents would take a pay cut for a shorter commute. The article goes on to report that Canadians spend an average of 63 minutes per day commuting round trip between home and their workplace. This is further evidence that pay isn’t the most important factor for […]


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Private no more? Social networking and the hiring process

There was an interesting article in the Globe and Mail about the consequences of using such social networking sites as Facebook and MySpace during the hiring process. Many people who post on these sites have no idea how much of their private information becomes accessible to complete strangers because they don’t use the security and privacy […]


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