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Would You Suspend Tiger Woods If He Couldn’t Speak English?

I saw an interesting sports story today.  According to Sportsnet, the LPGA “will require golfers to speak English starting in 2009, with players who have been members for two years facing suspension if they can’t pass an oral evaluation of English skills. The rule is effective immediately for new players.” This is interesting from an […]


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Employer Branding

Branding: it’s what every employer does to find and keep clients. Many companies spend a lot of time, money and energy developing their marketing brand. After all, without customers, there would be no business. However, how many companies spend the same amount of time, money and energy creating their employer brand, or telling their story of […]


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How To Fire An Employee: The Do’s and Don’ts of Terminating Employees to Keep You Out of Hot Water

Having to fire an employee is one of the most difficult and traumatic decisions that a business owner can make. Letting an employee go is hard not only on the employee, but also on the employer, and the other employees in your company. It is a decision that should never be undertaken lightly. Common reasons […]


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5 Craigslist Job Posting Mistakes to Avoid

Craigslist has quickly become one of the best sources to post job vacancies and to find great candidates, so it’s important to avoid the following common Craigslist job posting mistakes we see. Did you know that a recent Wall Street Journal study found that the most popular job posting board is Craigslist? Your job posting […]


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Welcome to HR Matters – the Clear HR Consulting blog!

Welcome to HR Matters, the blog of Clear HR Consulting Inc. Here you’ll find tips, tools, trends, and opinions about hiring quality employees, HR processes, HR procedures and HR solutions for your growing business.  As well, you’ll get the scoop on the latest and greatest at Clear HR Consulting Inc. Please take the time to […]


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