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Vancouver, B.C.-based Clear HR Consulting Inc. comprises a small group of acclaimed HR consultants, each with more than a decade of experience in their respective fields. Founded in 2004, we work with small- to medium-sized businesses in the Metro Vancouver region – ranging from professional services firms to construction companies to manufacturing operations – and deliver practical, results-driven HR solutions.

We are the winner of the 2017 Canadian HR Award for External HR Consultancy of the Year and of the 2017 and 2018 Readers’ Choice Award for HR Management Consultants from Canadian HR Reporter.

HR Made Simple
You can relax knowing the most essential HR areas for your small business are properly covered.
Our fixed fee, value-based pricing provides you with a clear return on investment, while capping costs.
You get the right answers quickly, avoid costly mistakes, and are freed up to focus on revenue generating activities.
Clear Communication
Our HR consultants use down-to-earth, no-nonsense language to promote clear communications and help you achieve real results.

Our HR consultants are passionate about influencing clients to be great employers, to positively impact their businesses and the communities they serve. Implementing clear and effective HR processes helps create exceptional employers. That’s why we won’t bombard you with traditional “consultant speak” and we make great effort to ensure our HR solutions fit your business.

Common projects include:

  • Developing effective hiring processes;
  • Creating employee handbooks to clearly document policies and procedures;
  • Developing customized performance review processes;
  • Advising on sensitive employee relations, restructuring and termination issues; and
  • Creating competitive pay and benefits strategies.

Learn more about specific client projects in our Case Studies.

We proudly support numerous community organizations and charities. We have volunteered with, sponsored, or donated a portion of our annual proceeds to, a range of organizations including:

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